Thursday, October 31, 2013

Old West Look for a Rootin Tootin Cowpoke

Texas Pride Quilt Set
It is fun for kids to have a bedroom filled with their favorite toys and games.  They also love to have their bed reflect their little personalities that grow larger each day.  If you have a young boy fascinated with horses or Wild West living, choosing a bedding set in a western theme will be a delight for him.  There are some really cute old west looks in bedding to choose from and we would like to show you a sampling of those offered at Just Boys Bedding.

( Update 9/22/14 - Texas Pride is Out of Stock and Discontinued) Pictured to the left is a new style called Texas Pride from American Traditions bedding.  Perhaps, you live in Texas or you are from Texas and take great pride in the rich history of this state.  This cotton quilt set features icons of the Alamo, oil rigs, horses and cowboy boots, all images one pictures when thinking of this great state.  But, even if you are not a native Texan, this quilt is a terrific way to bring a Western look into any boy's bedroom.  It is quite appropriate for boys ages 3-12, and would also be a great option for a fun guest bed at grandma's house.  Oh, and I am guessing there might be some young girls that love horses and would like this quilt, as well.
Cowboys Quilt & Sham Set

Another cute option for the little guys is My World Cowboys Quilt Set.  How easy it will be to settle your little cowpoke down for the night under a quilt that is just his style.  This classic little boy's quilt features sewn appliques of images of the Old West such as cowboy boots, a ten gallon hat, and a Sheriff's star.

Don't miss out on an opportunity to peak a young boy's imagination.  You can rest easy knowing he is sleeping soundly in his cowboy style bedding under the stars of the great Western sky.  To see more of the Western style bedding available please visit our store. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

DIY Halloween Tips: Easy Costumes for Kids!

Let Kids Get Creative
It’s time to shake things up this Halloween!  Forget driving to the mall and buying pricey Halloween costumes again this year.  You should turn right back around and start rummaging through your own house instead. 

Why?  Decades ago it was standard for kids to make their own Halloween costumes.  Let’s start a new trend and bring it back!

Halloween is the perfect time for your kids to discover their DIY skills and create their dream costumes.  Not only are you saving money in the process, it is also a fantastic opportunity to carve out some quality time with your kids as well. 


What’s in Your Closets?

Rummage through the closets or drawers and find possible clothing items to be used like plaid flannel shirts, overalls, themed tee shirts, any type of hat, old housecoats, and old bed sheets.  You get the idea. 

Do you have a large cardboard box?  Help a young boy draw a car on both sides of the box, attach small ropes to either end of the box so they rest on his shoulders and he looks like he is driving his own little car.  Dress him up with a small cap and he is on his way.
Quick and Easy Princess Leia Costume

Cardboard Fire Truck
Old sheets can be used to make superman or bull fighter capes. Or, use large pieces of brown roll paper to make a grass skirt for a little hula dancer. Do you have a tiny dancer in your house? Let her wear her tights and ballet slippers or perhaps a dance costume from an older sibling. Recycle and reuse these items for fun and imaginative costumes. Cut out black circles and past on red shirt and tights to make a little lady bug, finish with cute make up.

Old McDonald Was a Zombie

For the older children who want to be scary, the zombie comeback is great for DIY Halloween costumes!  If you have any old overalls, plaid shirts, straw hats, and kid-sized boots laying around the house, your kids could whip up their very own zombie farmer costumes.  All you have to do is supply their zombie transformation!  

You can turn anyone into a zombie, whether it’s a cheerleader, doctor, bride, or a pilot.  For a true zombie look you may want to stop by any local craft or drugs store and pick up some basic Halloween makeup kits.  Before they create their zombie faces, surf the web with your kids for zombie makeup tutorials they can do themselves.

Make Your Own Halloween Masks

Decades ago it was standard for kids to make their own Halloween masks.  Let’s start a new trend and bring it back!

If you browse through pictures of vintage Halloween costumes from the turn of the century, you’ll notice a lot of handmade masks.  There is a variety of different ways to make masks, but paper mache has to be one of the coolest techniques for making spooky or funny Halloween masks for kids. 

There are different recipes out there for paper mache.  But one of the most tried and true requires you to dunk newspaper strips into a paste made from cooked flour and water.  Parents should definitely be in charge of the whole paper mache process, and again there are great videos on line with instructions. 

A safe way to do this is blow up a balloon to the approximate size of the child’s head.  Lay the paper mache strips on the balloon to the desired shape and thickness.  Once dried, pop the balloon and your kids can go to town with decorating!  Not only can they paint their masks with crazy colors and expressions, but they can glue on horns, scary eyes, faux fur, and even fake reptilian scale!
Make a Paper Mache Mask

Whatever costumes you choose for your children this year, please be sure to keep them safe.  Applying glow in the dark tape on backs of costumes or shoes will help ensure your children are seen.  Supply each child with a flashlight and make sure they can properly see if wearing a mask.  But, most importantly, if your children are going trick or treating in a neighborhood, go with them.  Let’s keep our children safe and have a wonderful time!

 At Just Boys Bedding we realize many young families are on a tight budget.  We hope some of these easy, cost saving ideas will help you and all your children enjoy Halloween together.

Trick or Treat!

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Backyard Camping - Making Memories for Boys

Art by Russ Cox

Fathers and sons will always share a very unique bond, often sharing a similar interest in sports, fast cars, and action movies.  New fathers are known to begin planning from the day of their son’s birth for the many types of excursions that will be shared together in the years that lie ahead.  Teaching their sons to play baseball, taking their sons on nature hikes and fishing trips, or perhaps going along with their sons to buy his very first car.  One of the most common forms of male bonding activities is that very first camping trip shared only between father and son.

The attraction to camping usually begins at a very young age, where little boys use blankets and sheets to build fortresses in the living room, draped over chairs and tables to create their own secret place that is hidden from the view of grown-ups.  The joy of watching your little ones being creative and constructing interesting dwellings that only a child’s mind can imagine can be infectious and awe-inspiring.  It is only natural for the father to watch their little boys playing and to imagine when the day will come that they can take their son on an outdoor excursion, away from the other members of the family, just the two of them.

As early as the age of 8 or 10, the father or the son has an idea.  How much fun would it be to take those blankets and chairs out to the backyard, build their own tent, and live outdoors like real men do, even if just for one night?  If they get really creative, dad might provide one of his big tarps from the garage, draping it over a clothesline and securing it on either side to create a massive campsite fit for two.  They immediately get to work, building the perfect campsite together.  Mom is inside, packing a huge basket of sandwiches, snacks, and sodas for the big night that lies ahead.

The tent is built.  The food is packed.  And now it is time for Junior to go upstairs and get his sleeping bag to head off into the backyard wilderness.  Dad also makes sure to pack some of the fun time extras, like a flashlight, pocket knife, and deck of playing cards.  The goal is always to enjoy each other’s company, to have fun, and to instill a sense of adventure into the life of a young boy.

The flashlight can serve a couple of different purposes.  It might provide a little extra security when little boys hear strange rustlings and noises that so often accompany a night in the darkness of the outdoors.  But flashlights also make great visual effects for the telling of terrifying tales and sharing of creepy ghost stories.

But this usually comes after the main course of building a fire, roasting hot dogs, and eating s’mores for dessert.  This is where dad teaches his son how to safely build a fire, something that little boys should learn how to do.  The hot dogs and s'mores are simply a reward for a job well done.  After their man-made dinner, dad takes out his pocket knife, grabbing a massive tree branch as well.  This is when the young “man-in-training” begins to learn how to safely whittle wood, creating “weapons of warfare” like pointy arrow-headed sticks and long, sharp spears. 

As the night goes on, the boy begins to tire, his small, bright eyes fighting to stay open.  He doesn’t want to miss a single minute of this night in the wilderness with dad.  Within a few minutes, the son is asleep lying next to his father in the tent made of blankets and snuggled under his favorite comforter he brought from his bed.   Even though this may have been a great deal of fun for the little boy, this is the moment that dad will remember for the rest of his life.

At Just Boys Bedding, we understand how important these special times are for boys.  Times like these will last a lifetime for both a boy and his father.  

Special thanks to MR of Oscar the Dog for this blog post

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cooking with Dad

Cooking with Dad

What is it about the male breed?  Young or old, they often fight with all of their might the chore of making themselves a simple sandwich in the kitchen for lunch.  But put them in front of an open camp fire or barbecue grill, and they turn into Master Chefs!

Maybe it’s the fire.  Maybe it’s the outdoors.  Maybe it’s the sizzling noises and crackling sounds of the juices dripping into the red hot embers.  It doesn’t really matter, because Cooking with Dad in the great outdoors is one of those cherished father and son moments that is a common rite of passage.  

It might start with their very first Cub Scout overnight camping trip, when the grownups teach the younger lads of the correct and safe procedures for building a fire.  It takes a lot of work, chopping wood, finding the kindling, and clearing the area underneath.  And constructing a perfectly shaped campfire requires very specific principles in architecture and construction, a trait that is only instinctual for men, after all.  Then, once the work is complete and the fire is ready to be set, the thrill of using the lighter fluid to get start the flames dancing is always a big thrill.

Fathers and sons watch patiently, awaiting for the fire to transform into the glowing red embers that provide the best cooking benefits.  The hot dogs and burgers are ready to be placed.  The marshmallows and graham crackers are waiting nearby.  Dad lets the young boy place the first slab of beef on the grill all by himself.  The son watches the meat turn from its raw state into the best tasting burger known to mankind.  Who knew that hamburger started out looking like red play-doh?  

Of course, as a boy turns into a teen and the his Dad approaches middle age, the “need for speed” is always a critical factor.  Now we demand the power and technological gadgetry of a high performing gas grill with all of the contraptions and gizmos.    But, “Dads will be Dads”, and they still feel the need to properly educate their male offspring on the proper ways to manage this delicate machinery.  The teenagers simply want to play with the knobs and see how high they can get the flames to shoot.

However, Dad knows that cooking outdoors is a true form of manly art.  It takes time.  It takes patience.  It takes the experience and wisdom that can only come with age.  The young man watches his father’s every move, wondering how he learned all of these neat tricks.  This is when Dad breaks out his famous “secret sauce” and brushes it across the roasting meat.  We no longer are talking about hamburgers and hot dogs.  We have a high powered gas grill now!  This calls for swordfish and chicken, for tenderloin and shish kabobs. 

The upgraded menu requires a great deal of extra attention.  The sauce must be brushed evenly over the rotating meat, several times throughout the process.  Dad explains that the heat must be lower to allow the juices to sink in and intensify the great man-like taste of their creations.  The sauce has to be mixed “just right”, otherwise it will overpower the flavor of the meat.  Outdoor barbecuing is a delicate dance that involves a great deal of skill, far more skill than anything that you could possible cook inside the home kitchen!

Cooking with Dad is a rite of passage that every young man looks forward to.  Eventually, Dad steps away, nonchalantly asking Junior to tend to the grill.  Out of the corner of his eye, the father watches his son’s excitement of being allowed to approach the massive mechanical outdoor cooking device, alone and without adult supervision.  His son has now become a man. 

At Just Boys Bedding we understand how important it is for father's and son's to spend quality time together.   We hope the men in your house are enjoying cooking outdoors together, or even in the kitchen.  Special times, special memories, for both.