Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Olive Kids Takes Your Little Guy Out of This World!

Nothing peaks the imagination like space travel. We have been staring at the stars since the dawn of time and wondering what else is out there in this great universe. Through space travel we have made discoveries but one can't help but think there is so much we don't yet know. Is your son, grandson, nephew or god child one of those space explorers in waiting? Does he watch every Shuttle launch? Does he love to visit your local planetarium and stare at the stars and planets? Then treat him to a bedding set that will decorate his room with space travel, Out of This World from Olive Kids. Perfect for your little astronaut!

Shooting stars, UFO’s, planets, and stars cover the light blue 100% ultra soft cotton sheets. The flat sheet and pillowcase are hemmed with our dark blue coordinate with blue and white stars. The hem is folded and sewn, then bordered with a blue ribbon trim.

Blast off with ultra soft comforter made of 100% cotton with light weight fill; far more comfortable for little ones! The top features an entire solar system of planets, stars, rocket ships and more on a dark blue and black background. Outline stitching around the images make them "pop" off the comforter- an Olive Kids exclusive! The reverse is our dark blue coordinate with blue and white stars.

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