Monday, July 26, 2010

Bunk Beds and Bed Caps - The Perfect Duo

Bunk Beds and Captain's style beds are two of the favorite bed style picks by parents today. Of course, if you have more than one boy sharing a room, bunk beds are the ideal space saving solution. There are some things to take into consideration when dressing this style of bed.

Since there is not a box springs and considering the way in which the mattress sits on the bunk bed springs or platform, a bed skirt is not usually a good choice. So, it is best not to waste your money on making such a purchase.

Traditional comforters or quilts have a great deal of excess bedding to tuck in and there is limited tucking space with this style bedding. And most importantly, these type beds can be difficult to make and therefore difficult to get your youngster enthused about keeping it made, let alone, neatly made. Just think about that top bunk. If you have ever made one up you know what I mean.
Olive Kids Under Construction Hugger

What is a Mom to do? Think about using a Bed Cap for this style bed. A bed cap is a comforter that is fitted with elastic to hug the mattress and keep the bedding in place. Bed Caps are easily slid onto the mattress and pulled up as a regular comforter would be providing warmth and a great look. At Just Boys Bedding we feature a quilted bed cap in Blue, Red, Black or Chocolate Brown. It is available in Twin, Full or Queen. Another great use for the Bed Cap - think dorm room bedding, or air mattresses used for sleep overs.

Perhaps, you have chosen a Captain's bed for your child. Another great option for this style bed is a Hugger. Hugger style comforters are sewn at the foot and tailored to fit the mattress. The corners at the foot of the comforter wrap around so that the Hugger "hugs" the mattress. Huggers are perfect for any bed; trundle beds, captain’s beds, bunk beds, beds with a foot board. At Just Boys Bedding we feature Hugger style comforters from Olive Kids. These classic boys themed comforters are fully accessorized with drapes, valances, rugs, and sheets. What an adorable way to dress this type of bed!

If you have purchased this style of bed for your young one's room, give some thought to a Bed Cap or Hugger style comforter for good looks and functionality. These two really are the perfect bedding duo!

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