Monday, December 5, 2011

Boys Bedding Gift Ideas - Perfect for Christmas Giving

This time of year with all of the frenzy over gift giving, make your shopping just a bit easier by choosing new bedding for the toddler, teen or tween boy in your house. This is the perfect time of year to choose a new look for his bedroom and fill in the blanks on his Christmas gift wish list.

At Just Boys Bedding, there are several new items being offered just in time for Christmas gift giving. One of our favorite bedding lines is Jo Jo Designs bedding collections, and just in time for Christmas there are 2 new patterns. Forest Friends (pictured) and Turtle are adorable animal and sea life themed bedding collections, but Jo Jo's has themes for every interest a young boy has, from flying to pirates, sports and dinosaurs. Make it a point to check out these bedding options. Jo Jo Designs bedding collections are full accessorized to include clothes hampers, wall hangings, accent pillows and more. Everything thing to you need for a complete designer look for a boys bed.

I hear over and over how difficult it is to find teen boys bedding. We have a whole category of bedding for teen boys. With offerings such a Bone Collector, Advantage Camo and American Denim in a comforter (pictured) or duvet, you are certain to hit a home run in his gift department. You will also find a great selection of Plaid, Stripe and Solid color bedding all quite appropriate for teens.

For the youngest of our little buddies, those toddler boys, you will find a Toddler Boys Bedding category with adorable pint sized bedding from Jo Jo Designs and Olive Kids. There is also solid color toddler bedding if you wish.

Pictured to the left is Jungle Time, one of the most popular animal themed bedding sets for toddlers.

So, don't let this Christmas season pass without taking the opportunity to give the gift that will be enjoyed in your boy's room all year. When he snuggles down at night he will enjoy the love you are showing.

Merry Christmas from Just Boys Bedding! We have bedding for all the boys in your house, toddler to teen and every age in b-tween!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Army Style and Camo Bedding at Just Boys Bedding

Boys are rough and tumble, that is just what they are about. They love the outdoors, being outdoors and bring the outdoors inside with them many times. Perhaps, you have a tween or teen boy who loves to go hunting or maybe his Dad or another family member is in the military and he likes all things army and camouflage. Give him a bedding set that reflects this passion.

At Just Boys Bedding, there is a category of Army and Camouflage bedding sets that are a perfect fit for these boys. Shown above left is Alpha Bravo Charlie. This is a cotton quilt and sham set with images of helicopters, helmets and tanks in sage green and desert tan colors. Your young solder will love this one.

Update 9/22/14 - Discontinued.  Another great look, is Cammo Dude from Victor Mill. This is sold as a comforter and sham set and is made of 100% cotton. This comforter has the traditional camouflage colors of dark green, tan and black. A complete look can be built around this comforter set as drapes, valance, bed skirt are also available and are sold separately. A higher end bedding, these are made when your order is received and ship directly to you from Victor Mill.

There are several other camo comforter sets available at Just Boys Bedding that are equally attractive and affordable. You will certainly want to check out the Coupon page prior to checking out as there is always a money saving opportunity to be had. Don't miss out!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Toddler Boys Bedding - Pint Size Big Boy Bedding

Oh, how quickly those little boys do grow! That little bundle you brought home from the hospital is now a two year old running you a merry chase and climbing out of his crib. Okay, you think to yourself, it is now time this little guy into a toddler bed and get him some big boy bedding. Not his crib bedding because he wants a big boy bed, but a pint sized version of big boy bedding he sees on his big brother's bed. Toddler Bedding is just that, a smaller version of many of the bedding patterns available for the older boys. A perfect example of this style bedding is shown here in Sweet Jojo Designs Surf Blue and Brown pattern. While this pattern is available in Twin or Full/Queen, it has been scaled down to fit a toddler bed for a grown boy. Most of the bedding collections from Sweet Jojo Designs are available in toddler bedding, and include themes for the Sports enthusiast, the Dinosaur lover, or even a little Aviator. These great cotton bedding sets are perfect for little ones as they are easy care machine wash.

Another great line of toddler bedding is from Olive Kids. Shown here is the Out of This World Toddler Bedding Set. I think the solar system and rocket ships will defintely peak a young one's imagination and I love the electric blue color on the little comforter. Olive Kids bedding is 100% cotton, making it comfy for your little space explorer and easy clean up for Mom back on planet Earth.

Perhaps, you have just decorated your boy's room with a mural or themed wall paper and would like to solid color bedding for your toddler boy's bed so that your room is not too busy. No problem, at Just Boys Bedding we have the perfect solids in boy colors that will work nicely into any theme you may be using or having in mind to use. Shown here is Jacob, a 4 piece Toddler Bedding set in Navy Blue, Yellow and Green. How grown up! No matter what theme or style you may be seeking for your little man, a shopping trip to Just Boys Bedding Toddler Bedding category will surely turn up just the right toddler set you have been seeking.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ultimate Sports Bedding for the Ultimate Tween or Teen Boy

Boys of all ages love to be daredevils and are always looking for the ultimate thrill to test their skill and daring. Sports have always been a great way for them to test their mettle and the popularity of snow boarding, motocross and skateboarding are a testament to their drive for fulfillment. Now you can bring your tween or tween boy's love of ultimate sports into their bedroom with great bedding of the same name.

Ultimate Sports comforter and sham set boasts all boys colors of blue, green and orange presented in square blocks each featuring a different thrill seeking sport. This comforter set is made of microfiber material with polyester fiberfill. This means this brightly colored comforter will clean up easily, an important feature in boys bedding. The comforter set is available in either Twin or Full/Queen sizes and also includes the sham(s).

At Just Boys Bedding, we specialize in bedding for all the boys in your house. If you have a tween or teen boy who loves Sports Bedding, we have a whole category devoted to his passion. So if you have boys, you need Just Boys Bedding. Come on over and see for yourself!