Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Building Dreams with Construction Themed Boys Bedding Sets

Construction Quilt Set
Do you have a young boy spending all his time in the sandbox or backyard with his toy trucks? Is he surrounded by front loaders, cranes, shovels and dump trucks? Is he always getting into Dad’s tool box? Are you tripping over those little trucks in his bedroom? Why not continue that fascination in his bedding by treating him to a quilt or comforter set in the construction theme?

Colors for boys bedding sets are often in reds and blues, but with construction theme bedding sets, you can bring in greens, yellows, and orange as well, making your son’s room colorful and exciting. This theme is great for young boys ages two to ten.
Trucks at Work

Most children enjoy having a theme in their bedroom; it can make going to bed more fun than a chore, and playing in their room something they want to do, instead of something they have to do. Building up the theme over time can be fun for a boy, and you will find yourself looking for construction themed d├ęcor wherever you go.  You might even find him a little hard hat!

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