Monday, August 12, 2013

Is Your Little Mate Ready for "Talk Like a Pirate Day"?

Pirate Treasure Quilt Set
September 19 is "Talk Like a Pirate Day", a fun and silly day that has gained popularity in pop culture in the last few years.  It plays into the fascination many in our society have had over the years with the swashbuckling pirate's life.  On this day you speak the lingo and play pirate games and tell pirate jokes.  Many boys, young and old alike, love the pirate movies and love to try out pirate soundbites.  Do you have a favorite little pirate in your house?  Does he love to put on his eye patch and say "Arr, Matey"?  Then play a little further into his pirate attitude with a themed bedding set.

Olive Kids Pirate Bedding Collection

If you would like a Little Swabby's room to be decorated in blues, consider the Olive Kids Pirate Bedding collection. This attractive set gives you the colors of the Caribbean sailed by pirates of yore.  Treasure chests, palm trees, secret hideouts and his own little cast of characters are sure to peak a young boy's imagination.  Notice the reverse of this comforter is a beautiful deep sea blue and teal map of the high seas.  Be sure to get the cotton coordinating sheets for a real treat to entice him to bed at night.

Korsan, King of the Pirates Duvet Cover Set
For an older boy, consider Korsan, King of the Pirates, a LeVele Duvet Cover Set.  Although it is available in twin only it will certainly appeal to a tween boy who likes to pretend play pirates and have his siblings "walk the plank".  Korsan is a beautiful red duvet with tall ships, compass and a young handsome pirate.  This beautiful bedding is delivered in a gift box that makes it perfect for gifting any time of the year.  The set includes a flat sheet,  a pillow case, the duvet cover and pillow sham.

There is more to see at Just Boys Bedding in pirate or other nautical boys bedding, for toddler to teen boys. 

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