Thursday, October 31, 2013

Old West Look for a Rootin Tootin Cowpoke

Texas Pride Quilt Set
It is fun for kids to have a bedroom filled with their favorite toys and games.  They also love to have their bed reflect their little personalities that grow larger each day.  If you have a young boy fascinated with horses or Wild West living, choosing a bedding set in a western theme will be a delight for him.  There are some really cute old west looks in bedding to choose from and we would like to show you a sampling of those offered at Just Boys Bedding.

( Update 9/22/14 - Texas Pride is Out of Stock and Discontinued) Pictured to the left is a new style called Texas Pride from American Traditions bedding.  Perhaps, you live in Texas or you are from Texas and take great pride in the rich history of this state.  This cotton quilt set features icons of the Alamo, oil rigs, horses and cowboy boots, all images one pictures when thinking of this great state.  But, even if you are not a native Texan, this quilt is a terrific way to bring a Western look into any boy's bedroom.  It is quite appropriate for boys ages 3-12, and would also be a great option for a fun guest bed at grandma's house.  Oh, and I am guessing there might be some young girls that love horses and would like this quilt, as well.
Cowboys Quilt & Sham Set

Another cute option for the little guys is My World Cowboys Quilt Set.  How easy it will be to settle your little cowpoke down for the night under a quilt that is just his style.  This classic little boy's quilt features sewn appliques of images of the Old West such as cowboy boots, a ten gallon hat, and a Sheriff's star.

Don't miss out on an opportunity to peak a young boy's imagination.  You can rest easy knowing he is sleeping soundly in his cowboy style bedding under the stars of the great Western sky.  To see more of the Western style bedding available please visit our store. 

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